In this college we will keep in mind that for each and
individual student who were willing for great future in japan
we will help them directly by the teacher management
and education.We will conduct a test of Japanese level
on admission to the students.By the test result, we will
decide the course for the student. By doing this
student should not be worried about the Japanese language.
Of course, Not only the Japanese language but student will get
chance to learn Japanese culture, which will help student
after graduation and going to further study.

Of course, We will take care of student while staying in Japan,
For Each and every individual students the college will support
and provide an information by helding Open Campus, will help
for getting importance skill needed in japan.
Support for interviews, checking of submission document
to immigration, etc.
In addition, in preparation for the Japanese Language
Proficiency Test, Japanese language Instructor will provide
a guidance to understand of Japanese language and
get success in the language test exam.




Classes are divided into morning and afternoon depending
on the course.
In the leisure time student can do part time job and
they can enjoy around Minato Mirai and Cosmo World,
Big Cities Such as Red Brick Ware House,also can enjoy
the leisure of yokohama.
In addition there is also college extursion tour and
sport tournament,Intercultural communication event
which will help to student to fulfill the abroad study life.


Sophia International Academy

TEL:+81-45-341-0918 FAX:+81-45-341-0919