Furthermore, The college will set the class according to the
individual’s learning comprehension, which will help the student
To be able to steadily improve Japanese language skills.
According to the skill and level of the student the class is divided.
Understanding of Japanese culture which is very important for
the student to find a job and go for higher education.
The main goal is not to learn only basic Japanese language
but also understanding the vast and the respectful
Japanese language which is use in japan for finding a job.


Half day morning course
*per year language class hour:1600 hour
*per week :20 hour(5 days)
*enrollment month:April
*registration period:September 1 to November 30

Half day day class
*per year:1200 hour
*per week:20 hour(5 days)
*enrollment month:october
*registration period:march 1 to may 31



In each test there is an Japanese level test and we will decide for course.


*From the amount written in the invoice. After deducting the Application Fee & Entrance Fee amount 10% Tax will be charged.


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