Sophia International Academy is a unique, new type of
Japanese school which a team of licensed Japanese teachers
established, and controls both management and education
programs so that it can provide the education optimized to
students’ needs. S.I.A. aims to provide Japanese lessons
optimized to students respective goals, and nurture the friendship
with students beyond the national borders as their life time mates.
I have been engaged in Japanese-language education
as a teacher in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and etc. for over 20 years.
During this over 20 years long career, I have taught students
from various countries such as China, Korea, United States,
Viet Nam, Nepal, Myammer and so on. I devote my efforts
to cooperate with those students to let them achieve their
respecitve dreams, sometimes encouraging them and sometimes
being encourged by them.
Here, at S.I.A., I hope to do my best effort to grow myself
together with my students with my accumulated knowlege
and experience.
Kumiko Yamashibu


Sophia International Academy

TEL:+81-45-341-0918 FAX:+81-45-341-0919